La Boucherie Moderne is an iconic shop in Brussels since 2005.

Since the beginning the shop has been a very dynamic place, not only for tattoos, but for art in all of its forms.

From abstract to old school, going trough Japanese and blackwork, we’re carrying on a tradition of innovation in the tattoo art world.

If you’re looking for some serious and cool work, you have found the right place.

Fifteen years of experience can’t be wrong.



Gamma GT

Gamma Gt has a very singular style. Imagine something in between engraving and traditional old school designs, mixed with a twist of dark humor and you got yourself a gamma Gt’ s tattoo recipe.

Emmanuelle de Nazareth

Edn is a charismatic and hard-working lady. With simple smooth black lines and colored geometrical shapes , she will bring you into her own mythological world. Fans of ancient history have a look!


He loves to travel the world and get inspired by it. His style goes from American to Japanese old school traditional designs, along with the iconic fine line and bright colors of Italian old school tattoo style.

Kyllian O'Lariboule

Kyllian is a night bird who loves to go hard and never go home. He loves bold lines, crazy colors and the old school traditional tattoo is his fuel. Nuff said, have a look!.

Maël Zebuth

He’s a young artist with a hard-rock look straight outta the 70’s. He is a very dedicated worker inspired by the traditional, old school, American style with a touch of (obviously) R’n’R.


A young and talented artist, who’s inspired by the bold and steady lines from the American traditional style to which he adds a dark and surrealistic touch. A bold and spooky style.

Rud Deluca

A young and crazy talented artist straight outta Milano. He’s a swordsman of the fine line - black and gray. Badass black works are his mission, and you guys are the canvas.

Chutes De String

This true Belgian-brewed tattooer, eats acid for breakfast... And well, the result is mesmerizing! Acid colors, combined with some strong bold lines and surrealistic themes is what you get!

Paix Kim

Biography soon available